Girls Night Out & Safety Harbor

For the first time in a while I actually got dressed up and went out on the town with my gym buddies. Dinner and dancing with some of my favorite girls. We had a pretty good time. No drunken drama. No boy-related issues. No stress.


I had been told many times over the years to rid myself of the negative/difficult/stressful people in my life. Until recently, I was terrfied to do so. It’s been about two months now since I’ve rid myself of three of those people. They were people who I was sure I’d be close to for the rest of my life. But through various situations, they have been banished from my life and I have never felt more free, more loving, more happy. I am so lucky to be surrounded with beautiful friends. Friends who empower. Friends who speak positively of others. Friends who inspire each other daily. I don’t know how I had friendships/relationships that were any other way.

Last night, after all the dancing, I ended up at my boyfriends house to spend the night. And this morning we decided on a little adventure. We visited downtown Safety Harbor. A small town that I haven’t been to in at least 10 years, maybe more.

Safety Harbor, FL

I fell in love. It’s quaint and cute. A perfect place to run, bike, read, and write. We just ate and walked around. But I was already excited to go back before I had even left. I was jealous of everyone we past who was running. It was a pretty perfect area for that. Planning on a return visit sometime this week, I hope. I only ran once this week so I need to squeeze in an extra run or two this week.

Well, off to work I go. Here’s hoping for an easy Sunday evening…

~ Jen

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