2nd Half Marathon: Done

Pain is temporary. Internet race results are forever

So I definitely had quite a busy weekend.  Hosted an event at the gym on Saturday for breast cancer awareness. Helped about 80 people sweat it out for a good cause.  I ate a lovely carb-full meal to get ready for my race and ended the day with a pre-race massage.

Then Sunday morning came…the day of my 2nd half marathon. I jumped out of bed even though it was 4am. I was definitely super nervous but I was ready. I made sure I grabbed all my stuff and headed out the door by 5.  When I crossed the start line at 7am, I knew I was going to do better than my first half.  It was beautiful. Running by the water, seeing the Sunshine Skyway bridge in the distance.  I didn’t even feel like I was racing until about mile 6.  After that, it got tough.  I thought about stopping. I thought about walking a mile and sacrificing the pace I had been keeping.  I did neither of those things.  Once I got to mile 10, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to finish in my sub 2-hour time I was hoping for.  I felt a little defeated.  I thought about stopping then too…but I didn’t.  I kept pushing on. At that point just shooting to beat my time from last half (2:09:49).

I rounded the corner for the finish line and crossed at 2:06:29.  Overall, it was a great race. 18th in my age group (out of 65). I’m glad I got to run it with one of my best friends and even had people waiting for me at the finish line.  It wasn’t the time I really wanted, but, according to the chip time, I was a full 4 minutes faster than last year.  So, not a total loss. I have another half scheduled in February and I know I’ll be even better by then.

I felt good today.  I woke up and received a post race massage. My muscles weren’t sore at all. My knees hurt slightly but they seem better already. It is night and day compared to my recovery from last year.  I wanted to workout today but knew I should probably take a rest day.

Can’t wait for tomorrow. Another day to get better!

~ Jen

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Ginger Jen

I’ve got to say….I’m absolutely LOVING my new red hair. I should’ve become a ginger a long time ago! It makes me feel like a brand new person. I even (briefly) contemplated changing my name.

Amazing haircolor

I can be feisty and sexy and outspoken. I’m allowed. I’m a redhead. It may sound kinda dumb. It’s more than just the hair. It’s given me confidence. It makes me feel beautiful. I know I was pretty with blonde hair. But I feel like this is exactly the change I needed to complete my transformation into the awesome person I’ve become over the past several months.

~ Jen

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