Alone but never lonely

I used to be the girl who would say yes to every invitation thrown my way for any social event…whether I really wanted to go or not.  I was always afraid of missing something.  But lately, I’ve been intentionally been spending a lot of time alone.  And I must say, I’ve been much happier.  I go to bed earlier. My house stays clean.  I stay on track with my gym/running schedule.  I don’t think about boys as much.  I’m more focused.  I make plans for my future. I read.

Don’t get me wrong, I still see my friends. I still go out every once in a while.  But the frequency has been a lot less. I must be growing up.

I’m thinking more positively and practicing being more grateful. I intentionally start my day in a good mood.  Easier said than done some days…but I get there. I see the good in every day.  I trust the universe.  There are things going on in my life that just a few short months ago, I would stress over and think about all the time.  My problems would win and take me over.  If I keep doing the things that I love, nothing will bring me down.

Everything I need comes to me at the perfect time

~ Jen

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