Introducing Monday Motivation!

Get better everyday!!Who doesn’t need a little push every Monday?  I don’t even work “regular” hours. Monday’s are usually my “Friday” but there’s just something about Monday that makes everything brand new.  Whether or not I spend all weekend working, Monday is still a fresh start.  So every Monday morning I plan to post something motivational, usually related to fitness, but sometimes probably not.  Let’s make it a great week!   

In other news, I can say with absolute certainty that I am ready for my 2nd half marathon on the 27th of this month.  Last year, (for my first half) I did not train as well as I should have.  My days at the gym were not consistent and my longest run close to the race was only 8 miles.  There’s a BIG difference between 8 and 13.1, let me tell you.  While I did finish the race with a pretty decent time (02:09:58), got an awesome medal and was more proud of myself than I’ve ever been in my life, I knew I could have prepared better.  The day after the race was horrible.  I could barely move.  My body clearly wasn’t ready.

Yesterday, my trainer and I set out to run 10 miles.  He’s also running the half with me (it’s his first one!)  And I must say, I started off a little too fast, and had to stop for water around mile 7 (which I would be able to do much easier during the race) but I made it with a pace that would be competitive to last years time.  Meaning, I’m going to crush it in 2 weeks and do awesome.  More than that though, I felt great afterwards! I woke up this morning with almost no pain! There is slight pain on the top of my foot from my shoe being tied too tight, but other than that, I’m good!

Food!After the run, I went to lunch by myself…one of my new favorite Sunday traditions.  And did one of my favorite things about being a runner.  I got to eat! I didn’t go too overboard.  I actually had carb loaded pretty effectively the night before (an entire pizza!).  But I did, clearly, end up having a some carbs with a balance of protein.

After lunch I shot a commercial with my gym and had a lot of fun.  I’m really excited to share the finished product so stay tuned!

Let’s have a great week everyone!

~ Jen

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Alone but never lonely

I used to be the girl who would say yes to every invitation thrown my way for any social event…whether I really wanted to go or not.  I was always afraid of missing something.  But lately, I’ve been intentionally been spending a lot of time alone.  And I must say, I’ve been much happier.  I go to bed earlier. My house stays clean.  I stay on track with my gym/running schedule.  I don’t think about boys as much.  I’m more focused.  I make plans for my future. I read.

Don’t get me wrong, I still see my friends. I still go out every once in a while.  But the frequency has been a lot less. I must be growing up.

I’m thinking more positively and practicing being more grateful. I intentionally start my day in a good mood.  Easier said than done some days…but I get there. I see the good in every day.  I trust the universe.  There are things going on in my life that just a few short months ago, I would stress over and think about all the time.  My problems would win and take me over.  If I keep doing the things that I love, nothing will bring me down.

Everything I need comes to me at the perfect time

~ Jen

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