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Launched in 2012, JenRunsTheWorld.com is the place to be for information and inspiration on my two biggest passions in life: Running/Fitness and Travel, sometimes incorporating both at the same time!

As you can probably guess, I’m Jen! Hi!!

Running & Fitness

Over the span of several years and many temporary setbacks, I’ve lost about 75 pounds. (Read more about my weight loss journey here) As the pounds started coming off and I started to actually enjoy running and exercising, many of those around me came to me asking how I did it.  I use not only my personal experiences but also extensive research in the health and wellness field when composing my articles and posts.  In addition, I have also spent many years working for one of the premier fitness facilities in the Tampa Bay Area.


I am currently based in Florida but traveling has always been a part of my life.  From coast to coast in the US, to the Caribbean Islands, to European Adventures, I love it all.  I need to use both hands to count the number US States I’ve lived in.  I even have been lucky to enough to gain experience living abroad twice (Canada and Italy)!  Sometimes I travel solo. Sometimes I jump on an airplane and take spontaneous day trips to other parts of the country.  Sometimes I go to new places without an agenda.  But every time is an adventure and I love every minute.

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